Meet The Fleet

Welcome to FLEETSTREET – an online magazine made by women for women – where we explore the best, brightest and boldest ideas in health, fitness and beauty.

We met in the land of print publishing and our decades of experience combined with our passion for wellness and workouts have brought us together to envision a fresh, new way of telling stories.

We’re curious about everything! So we tackle the tough health subjects, sweat the trendy workouts and experiment with the latest makeup – all to find the stuff that works IRL, more specifically IYL, in your life. Because time’s too valuable to mess around with worthless things.

Lisa Hannam

Want to know about the latest, trendy workout? Or, what it’s like to do the new 30-day fitness challenge? Chances are Lisa has been there, done that, and already wiped the sweat off. A long-time journalist on the health and wellness beat and a content marketer—her CV includes stints at Oxygen, Best Health and Glow magazines—Lisa is also our resident Paris expert: She’s traveled there at least 15 times and knows exactly where to work out and where to enjoy an indulgent day at the spa (and more importantly, where to find the best pain au chocolat). And, Lisa is currently the managing editor at

Courtney Reilly-Larke

Courtney is a freelance journalist, writer and editor, and formerly the managing editor of Best Health Magazine. She loves taking a good hard look at everything life has to offer — from health and beauty to pop culture and finance — and then relaying those findings, in a way she (not-at-all-desperately) hopes is funny and interesting.
She’s an enthusiastic appreciator of a strong cup of coffee, a tightly-written joke, and every dog, even — nay, especially — the ugly ones. When she’s not writing, she’s trying to extend her attention span to its former glory by reading a book (thanks a lot, internet).

head shot of beth thompson

Beth Thompson

Beth is an award-winning journalist and editor who specializes in women’s wellness. Her work includes editor-in-chief roles at Best Health, Canadian Health + Lifestyle, Glow and Spree magazines. Each of these brands grew to new levels of success under Beth’s creative vision. Her career in journalism has taken her to many parts of the world, giving her the opportunity to learn about unique wellness rituals and traditions that continue to inform and inspire her work today. When she’s not busy at her keyboard, you’ll find Beth exploring Toronto’s waterfront and ravine trails in search of bliss. (Photo by Scarlet O’Neill.)

How do we make money?

Straight talk, here. FLEETSTREET is in the midst of a relaunch. While its first article was published in 2017, we brought the site back to life on January 1, 2021 as a new team. As we are growing our audience and learning what you, and readers like you, respond to, we are establishing our business plan to not only create content that is compelling and engaging but also to sustain the site economically and work with partners that make sense for us. As of right now we work with partners on sponsored posts and contests, which are clearly flagged in the bylines. The first iteration of FLEETSTREET did work with affiliate partners and links for product purchases, however that has not been part of our plan since January 1, 2021. We are removing those links from older stories, but if you see one feel free to let us know so that we can remove it. For more info, check our Terms & Conditions. Thank you so much. We are excited to grow with you.

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.