TikTok Says Long Hair Is “Cheugy”—But Know This Before You Grab The Scissors

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When I saw on my TikTok FYP that long hair is out and short hair is in, and I was intrigued. I have had long hair for a long time, and I often wear hair extensions. Right now, I’m currently rocking my natural hair length which is not necessarily short, but it’s no 22-inch Foxy Locks hair extensions. 

Are short hair, bobs, and shoulder-length lobs in style for 2023?

Celebrity TikTok commentator Robyn Delmonte (a.k.a. @GirlBossTown) forecasts that shoulder-length hair is in this year. 

Celebrity stylist shares insights on the short-hair trends and if it’s for everyone

I sat down with celebrity hairstylist Matthew Collins, who is also a global styling ambassador for Dyson to discuss the trends. And here are the top short hair trends he’s seeing right now.

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What is the wolf cut?

According to Collins, the wolf cut is the number one short hair trend right now. “It’s the new shag, but a bit shorter. Basically, it’s inspired by a wolf with its mane framing the face. It’s choppy with a lot of texture, and it’s typically cut with a razor.” 

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What is the difference between pixie and bixie cuts? 

”The pixie cut is definitely making its rounds again,” which is a close-cut crop, says Collins. “The bixie cut is not as structured, and it’s definitely a little bit more messy. Basically, it’s just a longer pixie cut. It’s kind of like a little bit more mullet inspired. There’s a little bit more kind of tail [at the back], with a little bit of a longer fringe [in front], and some longer pieces around the sides.”

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What is the ’90s lob?

Also known as the French bob, “the long bob [referred to as lob] is definitely coming back. With the lob, it really sits at the jawline,“ says Collins.

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What’s new for short and curly hairstyles?

What’s new is curls. “Very textured coiled hair, think 4C hair with short finger curls. It is an afro look, where you’re just using your fingers to define [the curls] and then letting [the hair] dry naturally with a lot of leave-in conditioner.”

Why is long hair “out?”

Is it ever really out of style? Collins seems to think it’s classic and not basic. “For the most part, long hair is not really out,” he tells me. ”From what I’ve seen, people with long hair are rarely willing to cut it.”

Are people going to stop using hair extensions?

Collins says we are, and this was a breath of fresh air to hear. I am truly loving the break from my hair extensions and being able to actually feel my scalp.

“It‘s tricky when you go from extensions to no extensions, because it [feels] like you‘re bald. It‘s like body dysmorphia. Your hair might not be thin, but [when] you get extensions, you feel more weight and volume. As soon as you get them [taken] out, you feel like your hair‘s thinner than it‘s ever been.”

He‘s not wrong.

I love this trend and I want to try it, but I‘m scared

Well, that may be a sign that I need to think about this more. He says to ask yourself how are you feeling about cutting your hair. Take bangs for example – the eternal questions: “Should you get bangs?”

“Are you 70 per cent? Eighty per cent? I’m not cutting bangs one someone until they’re [feeling] 95% [ready]. And if they’re at 85%, I’ll suggest that [to] cut [longer] bangs to start.”

How to use inspirational photos to achieve a hairstyle

Collins suggests taking some time to find a stylist that specializes in the hairstyle you want. Check out local professionals by peeking at their Instagram accounts. Are they doing anything similar to what you want?

“When you see a photo of a hairstyle that you like, make sure you’re pulling references with your face shape,” Collins says. ”Most people don’t have bone structure like Hailey Bieber or have had cosmetic surgery to get that bone structure.”


He tells me, “You need to ask yourself, “is this going to work for me?” As soon as you have a shorter haircut it typically is bringing all the attention to your jawline. So if you don’t love your jawline or your neck, a short bob right at your neck is not gonna be where you want to go.”


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My hair doesn’t look anything like it does at the salon

This is a common issue. Collins suggests getting your hairdresser to show you how to do your hair. He also recommends watching how-to videos, like those on YouTube.

“Also, remember that you might not love it the first week of having the new hairstyle, and that’s totally Ok and completely normal,” says Collins. “It can take time to get used to it. It may mean using more hair products, learning to style it differently, and playing with your new look.”

“The one thing I always suggest to people wanting to make a big change with their hair is to show your hype-friend the haircut first. That first opinion from your inner circle can shape how you feel about the hairstyle.”

Matthew Collins

Celebs with shoulder-length hair

Here are some of my faves with a short ’do.

Kourtney Kardashian debuts her short blonde ’do while hitting up the slots in Las Vegas.
Instagram influencer and model Emma Chamberlain says goodbye to her long locks and struts the chic and daring look. 
Singer Dixie D’Amelio proves a coiffed change can transform your style.
Hailey Bieber was ready for a change and embraced the bold and effortless option. 

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