Sunglasses + Face Shape = Perfection? Actually, There’s More To The Equation


I don’t wear sunglasses at night, but I own enough pairs that I could if I wanted to – I have options! It’s not that I’m obsessed with shades (well, maybe a bit), it’s just that throwing on a pair of sunnies is the easiest way to accessorize a look. That’s how I justify my growing collection, I mean summer is all about outdoor living, right? So, I’ve got a set for workouts, patio lunches, beach days and sunset walks. And, after reviewing this season’s slew of styles, you can bet I’ll be adding a pair (or two) to my stash. But first, I checked in with the experts at BonLook to see what else I should be asking besides “How do these look on me?”

1. Do all sunglasses offer SPF, or do we need to check for that?

Most of them, but not all of them! It’s important to be careful when you buy sunglasses or find a pair of vintage glasses in your grandma’s closet. You need to make sure the lenses provide optimum protection for your eyes with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

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2. Is one type of frame material better than another?

Honestly, it depends. I would say that as long as the quality of the acetate or metal is substantial, durability will follow. Prescription type and personal preference tend to play a larger role in choosing a material.

3. Nailing the sunglasses + face shape equation online can be intimidating. What’s the secret?

We have a team of online experts that can answer your questions and help you find the perfect pair of glasses for you. We also have a virtual try-on tool on our website that gives you a 180-degree view of how your glasses will fit straight from your digital device. It’s the easiest way to try on glasses from home!

4. What the heck is polarization and what does it have to do with sunnies?

Light diffused by the sun is propagated in all directions, and when it hits flat and reflective surfaces such as water, snow, or sand, it causes an unpleasant glare. The polarizing filter is applied to solar lenses to curb that glare and improve comfort and visual protection. Those who spend a lot of time outdoors (for example, fishing, skiing or hiking) definitely will notice a difference between polarized and regular tinted lenses.

While people who work around water might find them ultra-beneficial, polarized lenses aren’t recommended for looking at any type of screen, as the filter might prevent you from seeing your smartphone, GPS or LED screen dashboard clearly.

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5. Beyond shape + colour, what should I think about before I buy?

Good question! There are definitely other things to consider beyond sunglasses and face shape. For instance, the upper rim should follow your brow line. This allows for the glasses to blend in harmoniously with your features.

The lower rim shouldn’t touch your cheeks. This can cause all sorts of discomfort, like fogging up, slipping off your nose or leaving red marks on your skin.

Tips for sunglasses + face shape

It’s a long-held belief in style circles that certain frames complement certain face shapes. Us? We say wear what you love. But, if you’re curious about matching frames and faces, here’s what you need to know.

PS: Don’t know your face shape? Here’s my favourite trick: Draw an outline of your face in the post-shower foggy bathroom mirror and then stand back. All will be revealed!


Face Shape: Oval

Your Celeb Match: Rihanna

Your Frame Match: Basically, the sky’s the limit with this shape. An oval is a blank canvas for any frame, so follow your heart. Levis, $125


Face Shape: Round

Your Celeb Match: Emma Stone

Your Frame Match: The best shape is one that creates angles. Think strong frames in squares or rectangles with a high bridge. Jimmy Choo $620


Face Shape: Heart

Your Celeb Match: Scarlett Johannson

Your Frame Match: Glasses with round bottoms and temple details – either by shape or by embellishment – are very complementary.  A classic aviator is also a good look. Bonlook, Share Monarch, $149


Face Shape: Oblong

Your Celeb Match: Sarah Jessica Parker

Your Frame Match:  Look for glasses with depth as they will make your face appear less long. A heavier frame with corner details works, too, creating a sense of width. Fendi, $510


Face Shape: Square

Your Celeb Match: Zendaya

Your Frame Match: Glasses with curves will soften this face shape and add a new dimension. Bonlook, Sway Pine, $149