This V-Day, Treat Yourself To A Self-Care Gift Basket


This Valentine’s Day, instead of shopping for other peeps, spoil yourself! Think of it as a reward for all the kind, courageous and empathetic ways you put yourself out into the world #everydamnday. We’ve got loads of ideas to help you curate a self-care gift basket – for day, night, the gym and more!

Self-Care Gift Basket Ideas, Day Version

Look no further than this snuggly warm and super-cute merino wool hoodie for your post-workout go-to. It’s made with plant-based dyes by Smartwool, $180

Is it even a self-care gift basket if there’s not a candle included? This sweet scented, three-wick, rose-scented candle is the perfect way to instantly lift your mood. Bath & Body Works, $1

This special Luna scarf incorporates flowers that have symbolic meaning in traditional Chinese culture, like Tiger lily for confidence and Cherry blossom for renewal. It’s available from Lambert, $50
Pucker up with this clean, buttery balm that delivers smooth, comfortable, long-lasting hydration from Bite Beauty, $29.

Self-Care Gift Basket Ideas, Orange You Glad You Did This For Yourself Version

  • This thick yoga matt rolls up easily
    Lets say this together: No more flimsy mats. We want cushioning and comfort and support whether we’re in shavasana or doing hundreds. B MAT Strong 6mm, $95 at

—Lisa Hannam

Self-Care Gift Basket Ideas, Night Version

Give yourself the best gift ever – a good night’s sleep! It starts with soft, smooth sheets like these 400-thread count sateen beauties from, $99
A multipurpose body oil, this velvety formula is both nourishing (thanks to antioxidants and botanicals) and quick-absorbing (thanks to dry oil components) leaving you with glowing, soft skin. Oh, and it’s vegan, too! Graydon, $49
There’s nothing like a good bedtime book to help you drift off to dreamland. This set, available at Homesense, helps you set intentions and count your blessings. That’s bestseller status, non?
A self-care gift basket wouldn’t be complete without a good hand cream and we’ve found the perfect one! Citrus-scented Liquid Sunshine is new to the line, and is rich with shea butter, argan oil and oat extract to soothe and moisturize. Saje, $20
Appropriately named the Cupid Bundle, this mask, hair ties and silk pillowcase are made from Mulberry silk and promise sweet zzz’s and frizz-free morning hair. Win-win! Lemonwood, $150.

Self-Care Gift Basket, Perfectly Pink & Fit Version

  • From dopamine and butterflies to blocking that f*cker––and all the infinite complexities of f*cking feelings. Happy Valentine’s Day! $65 at BKR

—Danielle Goguen

Self-Care GiftBasket, Purple Jet, Set & Chill Version

A vintage looking tin of Sloane Tea, in the flavour of Earl Grey Classic
This tea is for the indulgent tea drinker who needs to treat herself. It is a smooth blend of Indian and Ceylon black teas. Sloan Fine Tea Merchants Signature Caddy in Earl Grey Classic, $22 at
All you need is a spritz or two of this lavender and vanilla essential oil spray to transform a busy home into a calming space. Terre Bleu Lavender Farm Lavender Room & Linen Spray, $18 at
What is more chill than relaxed silk PJs. But it’s the shirt-like tailoring and wide-leg design that have us wanting to wear this all day long. Banana Republic Silk Pajama Top & Pant Set, $300 at
A small paper box of 12 vitamin sachets.
This brand is a celeb fave, and this 12-sachet set is a way to try the different plant-based supplements that claim to help with focus, hormones, sleep and more. Moon Juice Moon Dust Sachet Sampler, $35 at