These New Toronto Restaurants Want You to Crave Vegan Comfort Food

As much as we appreciate a fine salad bowl, sometimes only comfort food will do. But the words “indulgent” and “vegan” haven’t always gone side by side as naturally as burgers and fries.

That’s about to change with the arrival of three new plant-based restaurants in Toronto, bringing vegan pizza, ice cream, truffle mac and cheese, and more to the trendy table. Here’s what to expect.

Virtuous Pie

Hailing from Vancouver, this pizza joint makes everything from plants—including its nut-based cheeses (cashew mozzarella) and dairy-free ice cream (turmeric plus black pepper, and charcoal banana coconut are among the on-trend flavours).

Where: 611 College Street, Toronto,

When: Winter 2018 (exact date to be announced).

Parka Food Co.

With a mission to make “wickedly indulgent yet wholesome,” veggie-based casual comfort food, this Toronto start-up has been previewing dishes at local festivals and pop-ups since last year. Signatures include truffle mushroom mac, and eggplant and portobello burgers.

Where: 424 Queen Street West, Toronto,

When: Fall 2017 (exact date to be announced).

Planta Burger

The original Planta in Yorkville proved the city’s appetite for ritzy vegan fare (like $22 “crab” cakes, substituting hearts of palm for seafood). Now, this new spin-off will bring the same plant-based credo to a more casual, budget-friendly burger joint. The concise menu will include the popular meatless patty (mushroom, black bean, lentils, beet), $10.50, alongside diner staples like fries, milkshakes and root beer floats.

Where: 4 Temperance Street, Toronto,

When: September 8, 2017.

A slight delay, but it will be worth the wait! ?? Stay tuned for Planta Burger’s new grand opening date. ?

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Updated September 12: Planta Burger opening date and details.