Alyssa Allen Creates Abstract Nail Art That Belongs In A Category Of Its Own

Something that Alyssa Allen of Nail’d It knows is, nail art isn’t just a way for someone to express themselves. The abstract nail art trend has grown into an accessory, it pulls you together and makes you look polished, literally. Besides, is an outfit truly complete if your nails aren’t done?

Alyssa Allen nailditbyalyssa
Image courtesy of @nailditbyalyssa.

Allen is based in Cambridge, Ont., but her imagination truly has no limits. She has pushed the boundaries of nail art, and she truly means business. With over 80K followers on Instagram and over six years doing nails profesh, Allen is inspired by beautiful patterns she sees, TV shows like “Euphoria” and pop-culture trends.

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Nail art: How does she do it?

Where does Allen find inspiration? “Everywhere,” she says. “Pinterest is a great place to find artistic inspiration, colour combinations and cool graphics. Fashion. Housewares, believe it or not. I love patterns and prints. Bright colours are my jam. But [I] also [get inspiration] from some of my favourite nail techs on social just doing the damn thing.”

When I ask her about her most intricate design, she tells me, “I’ve done a fair few sets that have taken me four-plus hours. One that comes to mind is a set I did inspired by Jen Stark’s art work. They were incredible, and totally worth it but I was 100 percent tired after, and my hands were definitely cramping.”

Jen Stark. “Chromatic Cascade” (2017) Latex paint. Approx. 200’ x 27’. Installation view in LA Arts District.
Jen Stark. “Chromatic Cascade” (2017) Installation view in LA Arts District.
Abstract nail art inspired by artist Jen Stark
It took four hours for this set, that was inspired by Jen Stark’s artistry. Photo courtesy of @nailditbyalyssa.

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A recent creation was on a long-time client and influencer Sarah Nicole Landry. ”There’s something about taking a blank canvas and making it into art that just sets my heart on fire,” says Allen of the romantic abstract nail look. “Honestly, the connections I get to make with some pretty amazing women is what truly inspires me. And of course, I love seeing how excited my clients get about their nails at every appointment.”

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Abstract nail art inspo by Naild It By Alyssa

Before you default to the usual French tips or classic red nail polish for your next manicure, take a look at some of Allen’s designs for inspiration:

Abstract nail art with designs
This design is giving us a psychedelic moment meets pop-culture art vibes. Photo courtesy of @nailditbyalyssa.
Abstract nail art with animal print
Animal print meets abstract nail art – I’ll take it! Photo courtesy of @nailditbyalyssa.
abstract nail art with hearts and cherry's

Cherries and hearts – need I say more? Photo courtesy of @nailditbyalyssa.

abstract nail art with animal print and water colours
I’m feeling feisty just looking at these.? Photo courtesy of @nailditbyalyssa.
abstract nail art with water colours, pinks, blues and gold.
Watercolours and gold flakes – I am swooning! ✨ Photo courtesy of @nailditbyalyssa.