Recommend to a Friend: What’s the Best BeautyBlender Dupe?

Sephora BeautyBlender dupe

Welcome to Recommend to a Friend, our self-explanatory series in which we ask beauty insiders for the one product they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to a friend IRL (no #sponsored plugs here). It doesn’t matter if it’s trendy or new, only that it’s worth the $.

Q: What’s the best BeautyBlender dupe?

Mishal Cazmi, Toronto-based beauty writer and founder of the upcoming beauty and travel website 100ml, says:

“The OG BeautyBlender is inimitable—almost. There are many reasons why it’s so beloved by makeup artists: the clever teardrop tip, which makes it easy to use around the nose; the edge-free shape, which makes application foolproof and seamless; and the soft material. But if you don’t want to drop $28 on the iconic pink makeup sponge, the dupe that has impressed me most is the Sephora Collection Total Coverage Sponge, $15. With its easy-to-grip shape and just-as-soft feel, Sephora’s version checks off all the boxes.”

Sephora BeautyBlender dupe
Sephora Collection Total Coverage Sponge, $15