Good Stuff: A Five-Ingredient Balm for Sensitive Skin

Satya eczema balm
Satya = Sanskrit for truthfulness

Satya Organic Eczema Relief, $24

My hubby’s approach to skincare lies somewhere between easygoing and negligent, immune to my influence as a professional product enabler. Still, I foisted this solid balm on his sandpaper elbows, which ordinary lotion fails to sufficiently moisturize. Within days, the rough patches had softened. Invented by Vancouver-based former broadcast journalist Patrice Mousseau as an entirely natural, steroid-free salve for her daughter’s eczema, it helps soothe all manner of finicky, irritated skin (including runner’s chafe). The five-ingredient product may look basic—59 percent sweet almond oil, 25 percent beeswax, 12 percent jojoba oil, 3 percent calendula, 1 percent colloidal oatmeal—but it works.