The Most Popular Skincare Trends Of 2022

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While we haven’t done our makeup in a while (as you know, there were a few lockdowns) and now we’re scared to because judging by TikTok, makeup has *changed*.  Concealed by the pandemic, new routines, behaviours and attitudes are redefining the beauty landscape.

According to McKinsey & Company, people spent billions to look good in lockdown. In 2021, consumers, for the most part, made changes to their beauty/skincare preferences by ditching the glam and simplifying things a little. A quarter of consumers say this, with other leading changes to do with buying more products that maintain natural beauty as opposed to enhancing it. But even in the midst of such a poppin’ industry, there is ample opportunity to view the industry-wide trends evolving over time.

Here are the top beauty trends for 2022.

What are the most popular skincare trends for 2022?

Plant-based Beauty

Life in lockdown – and an abrupt switch to working from home – have prompted many women to abandon their usual beauty routines. Alongside evidence-based cosmeceuticals and dermatological staples (think: retinolvitamin C, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, etc.), there is a growing demand for their plant-based sources and counterparts. People want to see natural products that aren’t full of synthetically derived ingredients but also want to know that these ingredients have been demonstrated and proven in a clinical setting.

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Beauty snacking

According to trend forecaster WGSN, the pandemic gave rise to the concept of “beauty snacking” – micro beauty moments incorporated into daily lives to break up home-working or create accessible moments of pleasure. From a quick spritz of a refreshing facial mist to a luxurious hand massage to ward off over-sanitized dryness, beauty snacking will become even more established over the coming year.

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Prebiotics are an intriguing group of ingredients making skincare headlines because of the important role they can play in addressing a variety of skin concerns. Their gut-health benefits when consumed orally are well-established through research. And now, studies are emerging, shedding fascinating light on how topical prebiotics can help when applied to the skin.

Fermented Ingredients

The desire for potent ingredients that last longer is driving interest in kombucha for the skin. Driven by the K- and J-Beauty markets, fermentation releases enzymes that break down molecules so they can better penetrate the skin, delivering powerful ingredients into the very structure of the skin or hair. The process of fermentation also cultivates the growth of beneficial bacteria such as lactic, organic and acetic acids, which act as natural preservatives. These naturally occurring bacterias prolong the shelf life of formulas, appealing to both the sustainably-minded and value-focused consumer.

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Stick-on beauty is the latest trend taking social media by storm. Searches for tooth gems are up by 85 per cent on Pinterest, crystal eye makeup is up 110 per cent and rhinestone pedicures are up by a whopping 150 per cent. From the fun and fresh floral stickers that brighten up the skin while secretly treating the blemishes hidden underneath, to the nail decals that elevate an at-home manicure, it’s not exactly hard to understand why beauty stickers are trending on social media.