The Skincare Products Saving My Face From a Summer Cold

It’s a cruel, cruel summer when you catch a cold smack dab in the middle of prime patio season. While everyone else was outside enjoying the heat this July, I was curled up on my couch, sweating out a fever. And apart from the usual gross-out symptoms of being sick, this summer cold affected my already sensitive skin in the worst way, making it super dry, flaky and generally pissed off. I needed reinforcements. Here’s the skincare I used to feel/look human again.

Gentler Cleanser

My skin type is dry and reactive even on the best days, so I’m always a bit gun-shy with cleansers. So instead of something sudsy (and aggressively moisture-stripping), I went with this micellar water, which you don’t even need to rinse off. Then I spritzed on this hydrating toner, so I’d have a base layer of moisture for my face cream (below) to seal in.

La Roche-Posay Micellar Water Ultra for Reactive Skin, $20, and Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner, $17

Face Moisturizer

My usual moisturizer wasn’t cutting it, so I looked for richer products with ingredients like glycerin and ceramides (“intense hydration” on the label is also a dead giveaway). This cream is thick, and my thirsty skin drank it up. I also used this face mask every few days, and the honey and avocado oil brought my skin back to life (don’t be squeamish about the colour—that’s the turmeric).

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, $37, and Dr. Roebuck’s Tama Healing Mask, $35

Lip Treatment

OK, yes, a sheet mask for lips sounds cutesy, but I’m convinced this worked. While a balm typically helps by creating a protective, waxy layer, I felt like this sealed my chapped lips and the skin around them with moisture. They felt smooth and soothed.

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask (Single), $7

Eye Care

No matter how much rest I got, my eyes looked like I’d pulled an all-nighter. And the dehydration led to a few extra wrinkles that were just too extra for my liking. So I called in the big guns—a solid balm. This one’s actually made for lips, but can be used under the eyes and around the orbital bone (whatever you’re trying, check the label to see if it’s eye-safe, too). It has coconut oil, shea butter and a bunch of other moisturizing ingredients. 

Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm, $22

Skin Smoother

Just when I started recovering from my summer cold, the skin around my nose began flaking. I had a two-pronged plan of attack: one to slough off that dead skin (a scrubby mask), and another to smooth it out (a glycolic treatment).

Graydon Superfood Mask + Scrub, $39, and Nip + Fab Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot, $42


So there you have it. Nothing makes a summer cold go away faster, but whether your remedy is soup or skincare, you can at least feel a bit better.