Good Stuff: The Raw-Food Bar In Our Gym Bag

Each Nagi Raw Organic Chocolate Quinoa Coconut Energy Bar packs 180 calories and 12 grams of protein

Nagi Raw Organic Chocolate Quinoa Coconut Energy Bar, $45/12

When the 4 P.M. hanger pangs hit, and I suddenly remember I need fuel before running evening intervals, I reach for whatever’s easy (OK, cookies). Lately, this organic, raw-food energy bar from Toronto’s Nagi (Polish for “naked”) has been my wiser choice. The local brand’s founder, registered massage therapist Justyna Kozlowska, used to make her own “healthy rum balls” in high school and realized the snacks were a hit when she shared them with friends. Since then, that recipe has evolved into her line of energy bars (previously called Inner J and recently revamped). While not exactly a dessert-y indulgence, they’re pretty tasty for something so virtuous: the sweetness is from apricots/dried plums (mostly) and chocolate chips (sparingly); the protein is vegan (pea and sprouted brown rice); and it’s packed with nutritious goodness (including sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sprouted quinoa).