Vanderpump Rules Star Tom Schwartz Plays Rapid Fire Questions

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Tom Schwartz from the hit Bravo series ​Vanderpump Rules visited Toronto on Valentine’s Day. I got the chance to ask him some rapid-fire questions. Enjoy!

FLEETSTREET: First rapid Fire question is: What’s your perfect date?

Tom Schwartz: My perfect date would probably be staying in ordering delivery and watching reruns of Friends. Jogging pants, no shoes. I’m trying to fall in love with myself all over again. So, I was imagining a perfect date with myself.

FS: Season 11, in one word.

TS: Raw! I was trying to do a Gordon Ramsey impression.

FS: What’s the hardest part about being on reality TV?

TS: Having to relive your mistakes three to four times in front of millions of people. That sucks.

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FS: Favourite season of Vanderpump Rules?

TS: Season two. And, from a personal standpoint, the one where I got married even though you know – spoiler alert! – it didn’t work out. We still love each other, though. But my favourite season as a fan of the show, I’ve got to say is season two. Season two was f*cking incredible. It has such a great story arc. It’s such a climactic finale.

FS: What’s the best part about being on reality TV?

TS: Getting to do cool sh*t, like this, getting to travel, getting to go to New York on a regular basis. It has nice fringe benefits.

FS: Do you believe in aliens?

TS: Yes. One-hundred per cent.

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FS: What’s your deepest fear?

TS: By far, it’s falling over the railing on a cruise ship in the middle of the night, because it is pitch black out there and I’ve always had a phobia of the ocean.

FS: Imagine being on the Titanic.

TS: Oh, my God. That’s a worst-case scenario for me. That or, you know, maybe someone putting mayonnaise on my sandwich when I specifically requested “no mayo.”

FS: What’s something we don’t know about you?

TS: There’s so much more to me than what you’ve seen on Vanderpump Rules. I can’t think of one thing.

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FS: When are you the happiest?

TS: I’m usually happiest when I’m at home with my dogs, or when I’m at the airport, having a beer, about to go on a fabulous vacation. The anticipation is better than the actual vacation itself. I love it.