What is Shuffles And How Do You Get An Invite Code?

Pinterest is best known for shopping inspiration and design ideas, but the company’s newest app, Shuffles, is meant to inspire us. To get us to tap into our own creativity. Never heard of it? Turn on your phone. The app has taken over TikTok and has created a frenzy in the digital sphere.

What Is Shuffles?

“Shuffles is a standalone app created by TwoTwenty, Pinterest”s innovative incubator team,” according to a Pinterest-released statement. ”Shuffles is an engaging way to create, publish and share visual content. With more people coming to our platform for creative inspiration, we’re continuously experimenting with new ways to help pinners and creators bring their ideas to life.”

In short, it is vibey and aesthetic mood boarding. You can plan out your next #OOTD, make a mood board for your current aesthetic (I made this, BTW), visualize your dream home setup, and so much more. Plus, everything you add to a collage is clickable, linking back to the original pin and its website of origin. Sign. Me. Up!

In-app features include adding text, animations like visual movement, searching for photos from within the Pinterest app that you don’t already have saved to collage with and re-shuffling. Re-shuffling allows users to create from any collage on the app, which will link back to the original creator as inspired by and create a library of user-generated content that links back to all of your pins.

Once your masterpiece is complete, you can save it to your phone, share it in a message with friends or publish it in a Shuffles community. These communities are organized by hashtags that are searchable on the app, so you can browse what other creators are designing at any time. Think of things like fashion, nails, home decor, and more.

The app broke the internet when creators started posting talk of its super fun mood boarding capabilities, user codes and level of exclusivity. Those lucky enough to snag a code to join the app are rewarded with three (sometimes up to five) invite codes back to keep sharing with others

The only catch? Shuffles is invite-only at the moment, and the invite codes are harder to find than a needle in a haystack. What the?!

Well, if you remember when Pinterest first launched in 2010, you’d recall that the app was originally invite-only—which ended in 2012 when Pinterest dropped its exclusive policy and became open for all. 

We spoke with Karen Tan, the creator behind @wineclubsocial, who is loving the new platform. I will say, she is quite the pro with collages. #WhatAVibe!

First, how did you get an invite?

“One of my closest friends sent me a code.”

What do you like about the app?

“I like the app because it allows me to use my creativity to come up with something beautiful. As simple as it is, all you have to do is click on the plus button, find images curated based on your preferences through their algorithm or use your own pictures, and add them onto your canva. Users can easily create mood boards, inspirations, and much more! Get creative!”

What is your favourite thing about Shuffles?

“I love the support from the shuffles community. Everyone’s commenting encouraging messages and following each other. This app allows me to escape from reality and create something meaningful within seconds without scissors or a scrapbook.”

She predicts the collage-app will be integral for social media managers and business owners. Karen says the tool could be used for businesses to produce features on specific products and can help build awareness for brands. She goes on to tell me, “If a beauty influencer creates a collage of their favourite skincare products, followers would be more likely to check out recommendations from a trusted source.”

The app has been available to download for a few weeks now but Shuffles only recently got into the spotlight, thanks to the viral powers of TikTok. Creators are sparking interest in the app by sharing videos of their Shuffles collages soundtracked by music, which has seriously increased demand for invite codes. All these aesthetic vibes have us feeling inspired. So, how does one snag access to this ~* exclusive *~ platform, and how does it work once you’re on there?

FAQs and more about the Pinterest app, including how to get a Shuffles invite code

  • From Pinterest: The platform is sharing invite codes on Instagram Stories every few days. Follow the Pinterest Instagram account, and turn on post notifications so you’re alerted before the next one is announced.
  • Check Twitter: People are sharing their codes all over Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Search through hashtags like #shuffles or #shufflesbypinterest, or simply search “Shuffles invite code” on any of these apps, and reply to people who are offering theirs.
  • Ask a creator: If you know anyone in the creative sphere (think a graphic designer or digital marketer), ask them for a code. These are the types of peeps that just might already have access to the app to give you code.
  • Enter a giveaway: Users on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok are sharing invites through giveaways. For most, it’s as simple as a like, follow, comment, or re-share.
  • Pay up: While this could put you in a risk for succumbing to a scam, her, there are actually people out there selling their invite codes. Some codes go for as little as $2. Others, as much as $120.

Of course, just push the “Join the waitlist” button. Shuffles will ask to enable notifications, so you’re notified once you get accepted into the app. How long is the waitlist? No one knows. Hopefully soon they’ll give access to all. Our Pinterest Spokesperson told us, “As this app is in its initial test phase, we don’t have any additional details to share on the record at this moment.” Very Interestinggg.

Lucky enough to already be a member? Don’t forget to follow us on shuffles, @fleetstreetmag!