Peloton Tread Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Woman running on peloton treadmill

This Peloton Tread review is part of our Class Action, FLEETSTREET’s workout review series. We get sweaty to give you the low-down on what the workouts are really like. 

Is Peloton Tread truly deserving of all the hype? Spoiler alert: Yes, it is.

Prior to the pandemic, I was a frequent in-class workout fiend, taking any class, including pilates, barre, boxing boot camps, whatever I could sign up for. I loved it all. When the pandemic hit and I had no choice but to work out at home, I tried apps and virtual classes, like Kayla Itsines Sweat and Tone It Up. It wasn’t doing it for me. I finally broke down and bought the Peloton bike. Remember, I like variety, so I should have known that I‘d be pulling out my credit card for the brand‘s treadmill before I could unclip my cycling shoes.

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The Brand — Peloton

Let’s get real. Peloton was truly the darling of the pandemic with its at-home workouts. Having the bike was genuinely a game-changer for me. I got it a bit later in the pandemic (October 2021) but it still made an impact on me. However, after only seven months of owning the bike, I started lusting over Peloton Tread. I missed the diversity of my workouts pre-pandemic. I missed doing those Barry’s Bootcamp-style workouts.

With the world finally reopening, people are getting back to the social beings that we are. And that’s hitting Peloton. The New York Times wrote that Peloton has had a rough few months, laying off 20 per cent of its workforce, losing $439 million, as exercisers return to the gym. Then there was the treadmill recall in early 2021, which resulted in new safety features months later.

Peloton remains a popular workout program. Why? You have to be committed to it – it’s expensive! I wanted to treat myself to the treadmill for my birthday, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the hefty price tag of $3,295. I waited for a sale and got it for $2,945.

The treadmill measures 68″ L x 33″ W x 62″ H — smaller than most condo-sized sectionals. The Tread’s 23.8″, 1080-pixel touch screen is big, bright, and sharp. You can tilt it up and down 50-degrees for better viewing when doing Tread Bootcamp classes.

Slimmer than most, it’s still a treadmill. It doesn’t fold up and you can’t store it in a closet. Even though it has wheels, Tread is something you commit to parking in its place.

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The Workout — Tread Bootcamp

Whether you’re prepping for your first 5K or gearing up for an ultramarathon, Tread at-home classes can help make training more convenient, especially when the evenings draw in and the temperature drops. Plus, you can connect your Apple Watch to the Peloton Tread. 

Peloton Tread has a breadth of treadmill classes, too; from a 20-minute walk/run, to a challenging HIIT run, to a 60-minute marathon training session. All bases are covered.

You can filter Tread Bootcamp classes by class type (warm-up, bodyweight, heart-rate training, low-impact and others), difficulty, length (five to 60 minutes) and by instructor. You can even choose a class in line with your music taste. A Country music fan? You’re sorted. Hip hop your thing? That’s there, too.

From what I’ve tried, a typical 30-minute Bootcamp workout is two seven-minute running intervals, alternating between different speeds and inclines, and two seven-minute intervals on the floor using dumbbells.

As for the treadmill itself? It has an intuitive roll-back speed wheel and incline wheel, instead of the typical button you have to repeatedly press to minus the speed and incline. It’s easy to manage while running, which I like. And there are buttons in the centre of each wheel you can use to jump to the next unit (i.e., a 1.0 to 2.0 incline, or 5.4kph to 6.0kph).

We Tried It

My go-to instructors so far are Adrian Williams and Daniel Mckenna. They are both so funny and inspiring. Olivia Amato is the hardest instructor on the Peloton app in my opinion.

I will say though, the Tread is different than Peloton’s cycling community. I was a bit shocked to see the class leaderboard numbers. With all the buzz, I assumed there were as many Treads in people’s homes as Peloton bikes. I also ranked noticeably higher on the leaderboards using the Tread than I do on my bike. Maybe I’ll get a shout-out on the tread?! (My username is piscesdani, for those of you wondering.)

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The Verdict

I really love Peloton Tread Bootcamp classes. My basement is turning into my own personal workout studio. In all honesty, I don’t enjoy running for long distances. So, having the option to do the walking and running interval classes or a BootCamp, it gives me the opportunity to get my heart rate up and feel really accomplished by the end.

The Peloton treadmill is great for owners of a Peloton Bike or Bike+ as one subscription will cover both a Tread and Bike. This is a huge benefit. You can have one membership with unlimited profiles. Runners looking for a powerful but more compact treadmill will love it too. You might too, if you have enough space for the full footprint, since the Tread doesn’t fold to stow away.

If you find tracking your workouts works for you, Peloton Tread and its Bootcamp classes may be up your running alley. The leaderboard, the goal-setting and running performance data can be motivating. For some people, the competition — and the numerical proof of progress — If you can put a number on it, you can feel like you’ve achieved something.

Science suggests you’re not alone. Research shows gamifying exercise can be hugely motivating. In a 2017 study, 200 adults tracked their steps for 12 weeks, with half the group competing against family members as they earned points and progressed through levels. Those playing the game nearly tripled the number of steps they normally took.

I use my Peloton app three to four times a week for strength training, yoga, and stretching. I love the convenience, variety of programming and the fact that I can choose from a more diverse range of instructors with various fitness backgrounds than are available at the gyms and studios near me. And the Tread is just more motivation for me to stay on track, so to speak.

Is it worth the price? If you’re like me and will use it as often as I do, then a big YES it is!

Now, #PeloForWine, anyone?!

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Peloton,, unlimited workouts; $16.99 a month (first two months free); package pricing available ($2,945 or $74 a month with the treadmill); app downloads available at the App Store and Google Play.