New Supplements On Our Desks: Promises Of Relaxation, Stronger Immunity, Healthier Skin & Hair

Photos of gummies and supplement powder, which are new supplements in Canada

What’s new for supplements in Canada? Lots. But here’s a sample of new vitamins, minerals, powders, and more, that have plopped onto the FLEETSTREET desks. We go through what makes each supplement new and their nutrition and health claims. If you’re curious about taking any of them, check with your healthcare provider. You’ll want to know if it’s a good supplement for you and your needs, as well as if it’ll contradict anything else you’re taking or if you can get these goods through food or somewhere else. 

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Imaraïs Beauty Grow and Glow supplements, $59 each 162-g package, at Shoppers Drug Mart

New supplements for skin and hair

What’s new? A beauty branded supplement company. Founded by influencer Sommer Ray, Imaraïs Beauty is putting beauty standards on nutritional supplements. Sure that means pretty packaging but it also brings a focus on testing ingredients with clinical trials. Not all supplements do. 

What should it do? Grow says it “supports healthy hair growth” with ingredients like reishi (helps with blood circulation), chaga (strengthens hair follicles) and snow mushrooms (hydrates the scalp). Glow “supports healthy skin” with marine algae (promotes radiance), squalane from olives (anti-inflammatory for hydration) and vitamin C (antioxidant for fine lines).

What else should you know? Both Grow and Glow are PETA certified, meaning the products are not tested on animals, and are made with plant-based, whole-food ingredients. Some, like marine algae, even come from Canada. One dose for each is two gummies. 

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Jublee Blueberry & Lavender Fruit Bites, $10 for two bars, at

New supplements for relaxation

What’s new? Foods can definitely make you sleepy (chicken parm, anyone?), but this new supplement is made with foods you might not expect to make you chill out: dates, sweet purple potatoes, and blueberries. Of course, it’s Jublee, so it also has cannabis extract. 

What should it do? According to Jublee, the floral flavour is relaxing and soothing, but the “presence of CBN increases the perception of relaxation and well-being without increasing the psychotropic effect of the product.” Other ingredients, in addition to what’s listed above, include: apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil, potato starch, sunflower butter, coconut oil, sea salt, lavender powder, vitamin E and some spices.

What else should you know? This blueberry jam-flavoured fruit bite is also gluten- and nut-free, as well as vegan. One dose is 20 grams, but you have four options for various THC, CBD and CBN combinations. 

Sweet Jesus?! Do I have to cut out sugar completely?

Nature’s Sunshine My Immune Defense, $68 for a 90-g package, at

New supplements for immunity

What’s new? Mushrooms are the new broccoli. There’s growing research on the benefits of hanging with the fungi. (🥁 Boom-tish!) For this new supplement, though, it’s about vitamin D to help keep the immune system strong. 

What should it do? Nature’s Sunshine My Immune Defense contains six – S-I-X – mushrooms for their vitamin D and beta-glucans effects: agaricus bisporus, reishi, turkey tail, shiitake, cordyceps and chaga. You’ve likely heard of vitamin D as “the sunshine vitamin.” But the nutritient beta-glucan is said to help with gut heath, which in turn helps with cholesterol, cardio health and immunity. The packaging type was so small though, we were hoping it helped with eyesight, too. We did see, though, that it should help to increase energy and resistance to stress (assuming that’s the physical effects and not our workloads). 

What else should you know? This new supplement comes from 52-year-old brand Nature’s Sunshine. It’s a brown powder – it is dehydrated mushrooms after all. We mixed it with water and our fave vitamin C powder, and it blended well, and it tasted pretty good. Next time we’ll have it with a post-workout protein powders hake. One dose is one scoop (3 grams). 

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HerbaLand Gummies Calm Naturally, $24 for 90 gummies, at

New supplements for calming down

What’s new? You’ve heard of the Sleepy Girl Mocktail and how its main ingredient magnesium is the cool way to prep for sleep. Magnesium, as a muscle and bowel relaxer, has been around forever. But thanks to social media, it’s found a new audience. While this new gummie supplement can’t be added to a drink (unless as a garnish), it’s a sweet snack you might take before bed, especially after a muscle-tensing day of stress or strength training. 

What should it do? HerbaLand – also a candy company, so you know this tastes pretty sweet – uses about two grams of magnesium citrate (water-based laxative that also supports muscles), gamma-aminobutyric acid (calms gamma-aminobutyric acid) and L-theanine (amino acid that improves sleep). 

What else should you know? This new gummy supplement is made in Canada. And with every product sold, some money goes toward planting trees. Our favourite part: They look just like Swedish Berries candy. One dose is 4 gummies. 

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Grüns Daily Gummies, $79 for 224 gummies, at

New supplements for overall health

What’s new? Grüns blends 60 whole foods for its vitamins and minerals content. It’s packed with mushrooms and other fooods, creating a combo for optimal health. Think of it as an all-in-one, nutrition-packed, flavour-bursting supplement.

What should it do? Grüns daily gummies works as a daily supplement to support whole-body health but also focuses on gut health and assists in hormone functions.

What else you should know? This new supplement is plant-based, as well as dairy-, nut- and gluten-free, and it has no artificial flavour or colouring. Taking these supplements consistently will give you the best effect. It individually packages a dose for grab-and-go convenience. One dose is 8 gummie bears, so now you know how they get 60 ingredients in there!