Girls’ Weekend Snacks—Taste-Tested, Editor-Approved

You curate the guest list – good vibes only. You planned your fits and preselected your TikTok songs. So, you could be forgiven if your girls’ weekend snack list is an afterthought. But that’s why you’re here and why we created this cottage and road trip packing list. Here you won’t just find bubbly, but popcorn-flavoured bubbly, and so much more. And, you know we’re not just going to drop something here based on packaging (although, cute packaging is a consideration). It must taste delish too. Enjoy!

Maison Perrier Forever Blackberry, $8 for a case of 8, at

It’s like crackberry 

Flavoured sparkling water isn’t new, but when the original H2O brand Perrier uses a hint of fruit other than citrus, you know it’s elevated. Dubbed Maison Perrier, packaged in tall, slick cans speckled with shiny bubbles, this water tastes light but refreshing. There’s a hint of salt, but it’s the blackberry that takes over the taste. The clear provision can be drunk alone, with juice, cold tea or even with a splash of vodka or gin. – Lisa Hannam

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Veuve Clicquot Brut Rosé Champagne, $104, at

Rosé-coloured glasses

No one can resist bubbly. Especially if it’s pink. I tried this on the patio of the Sangri-la in Toronto, where I noticed that the bright colour pairs prettily with an early summer sunset. Maybe I had a bit “too much” for that analogy, but who can blame me? This rosé champagne is easy on the palate. I expected it to be drier that it was, but it was more fruity (but still light, as it is champagne). The LCBO says: “ citrus, red berries and toast.” All, I know that it goes so nice with cheesecake and white chocolate. – LH

White Claw Lemonade, $4, at

Strawberry sugar, ah!

The problem with some drinks is that they don’t quench thirst. They’re either too salty or too sweet, and you end up craving more of the very thing you’re drinking. But the new lemonade flavours from White Claw are satisfying. The strawberry lemonade tastes exactly like the fruit, and not like a freezie like some of those other canned cocktails we’ve all tried. (We know you know.) These are refreshing, especially on a hot day at the cottage. – L.H.

Sabra Guacamole Classic, $5, at

Let’s taco bout this

Even your pickiest of friends will snack on this guac. Made with Mexican-grown Hass avocados, this super creamy dip is non-GMO, dairy-free, vegan (so obviously vegetarian, too), kosher and gluten-free. We love packing this to have with large tortilla chips, on burgers and sandwiches, and – yes! – toast. Be sure to pack two. One never seems to be enough. -L.H.

Kettle Honey Dijon Potato Chips, $5, at

Honey, honey

I know I’m supposed to be loyal to Canadian chips like ketchup and all-dressed. But one bite of honey dijon, and my taste buds are piqued. It’s a savoury sweetness that satiates and doesn’t linger (in my mouth or on my fingers). And unlike other chips, it’s not a synthetic flavour (you know how watermelon gum tastes nothing like the fruit, but you know exactly what you’re getting). You can really taste the honey and dijon with these chips. – L.H.

This just might quash your chips snacking habit.

Eatable Poppin’ Rosé All Day, $10, at

This weekend be poppin’ 

This is the most fun I’ve ever had snacking. As a hard-core butter and salt popcorn fan, I was surprised I even liked this. The sweetness of the watermelon and strawberry were subtle, and there was a “grown-up” base note of wine. I loved that I could savour each bite, instead of mindlessly noshing on a bowl chips. It was a real treat. – L.H.

SundayFunday Mimosa, $4 a can, at  

Orange you glad you’re here

One sip and I’m taken back to university, blending creamsicle-vodka drinks hours before a night out. Mimosa, as you know, is OJ and bubbly. And this isn’t as sweet as my younger self’s chosen orange drink. It’s light but flavourful. Perfect for brekkie on an all-girls’ weekend. (One can is 90 calories.) – L.H.

Happy Pops in Lemon Mint, $8, at

Clap along, happiness is the truth

You know something is good when you can taste the ingredients. And not because it’s overpowering but because it tastes so damn fresh. That’s what you get with these ice treats. I love the lemon-mint flavour, which is made with lemon juice, water, organic cane sugar and organic mint. These taste super healthy but in a good way. 

Jalapeño Lime Pistachios, $9.99 at

In a nutshell

These spicy (but not too hot) pistachios offer the perfect balance of jalapeño pepper, sea salt and tangy lime. They’re crunchy and coated with flavour. At first bite, they’re dry but then the natural oils of the nuts melt into your mouth. It is a guilt-free, delicious snack that the girls will love. – Danielle Goguen

Spicy Watermelon, $37.95 for a pack of 12 at

You glow, girl

If you’re looking for some sun and glow, know that Glow drinks are not only incredibly hydrating but they’re delicious, too. My favourite is the spicy watermelon flavour. It has a bit of a kick to offset the fruit’s sweetness and isn’t overbearing at all. It kind of reminds me of drinking rosé but with a fresh slice of jalapeño dropped into the glass. I love that it’s sparkling, which gives it even more of a punch. Plus, it’s packed with vitamins, electrolytes and powerful antioxidants. – D.G.

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Salted Caramel Pretzel Pieces, $3.77 at

In knots

Salty but sweet? We’re in. Introducing Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels in salted caramel. Made with buttery caramel, these golden brown sourdough pretzels are lightly salted (so I’m telling ourselves it’s good for my gut health 😉). It’s a snack your girls will love with a satisfying crunch. – D.G.

Healthy snacks that taste healthy—& some that don’t (in a good way).

Medium Salsa, Fody, $6.99, at

Trust your gut

Go into your girl’s weekend feelin’ your best with this gut-friendly salsa. You wouldn’t know from tasting it, but this salsa opts out from using garlic and onion (which can be an issue for those with stomach sensitivities). Instead, the flavour relies on the roasted tomato to take centre stage. Whether you’re hitting the beach, going on a picnic or just chilling in your backyard with the girls, CDHF-certified Fody salsa should be in your cooler. – D.G.

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Instant Coffee, $9.99 at

For the next day

These Instant coffee bone broth powder packs are travel-friendly and super convenient to bring with you no matter how far you go. It tastes just like coffee but with a subtle flavour of bone broth. I made my cup with cream but it would taste good black. This coffee is said to support gut health, using amino acids to help repair the digestive system, and it is a great source of protein and collagen. – D.G.

Clementine Sparkling Water, $7 for a pack of 10, available at

Zest for life

It wouldn’t be a girl’s weekend without some sparkling water. Montellier, a Canadian sparkling water brand out of Quebec, just launched its newest flavour: clementine. It’s refreshing (the carbonation is very bubbly, which I love) with a subtle hint of citrus orange. This sparkling water would be great alone or even in a cocktail or mocktail. – D.G.

Magic Potion Cold Brewed Tea, $15 for a pack of 4, available at

Effervescent and magical

Who doesn’t love brewing a cup of tea? Well, during a girl’s weekend away, who’s got time for that? David’s Tea just launched a new cold brew sparkling iced tea, crafted with natural and no artificial ingredients. It’s refreshing and sparkling, and the colour alone (royal purple) is sure to be a conversation starter with the girls.