What Is Auric Living? How Do You Know If You’re Doing It Right?

Lee Marie Jacobs has a line-up of who’s-who in the wellness industry for her Auric Living Conference in Toronto on October 29. Speakers include Gabby Bernstein, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Shiva Rose, Vivian Kaye, Cheryl Hickey, Asha Frost, Eva Redpath, Nikki Bergen and Joy McCarthy. 

Jacobs shares why she brought her 2022 book, Auric Living: Happiness Is Counting on You (Blackstone Publishing), into conference form, how to stop repetitive behaviours and more.

FS: What is auric living?

LMJ: Auric Living is a transformational way of being where one’s inner world is prioritized and honoured. It is a way of life that prioritizes authenticity, joy, peace and integrity. The outer world and daily living is of course still very important but when auric living takes priority, inner peace, joy and one’s own happiness is the order of the day.

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FS: How would you explain “energy” to someone who doesn’t necessarily understand their own day-to-day sensitivities? 

LMJ: It is definitely a new way of thought to understand that we are not just our physical bodies and physical experiences. We often experience things at the physical level that have been in the works in our energy field for a long time. An example would be when we experience trauma. Oftentimes, 12-24 months after a trauma, we experience symptoms in the physical body. This is because energetic experience hits the physical body after a time lag. This isn’t always the case, but it happens often. 

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When we begin to understand that our physical bodies are surrounded by many layers of energy, we can recognize how this influences daily life. For example, there is an energetic layer surrounding our physical bodies that stores and influences our emotional history and how we emotionally process experiences during our day. The more priority we place on living in alignment with joy, peace, integrity and kindness, the stronger and more expansive our auras become. This is why when we walk into a large room of people, there is always someone who stands out and is magnetic. That is the person you feel drawn to or want to talk to or work with. You are reading that person’s energy field (or aura) without even knowing it. Auric Living teaches you how to expand and strengthen your aura. In today’s world, just having a strong physical body is not enough- we must all learn to work out, strengthen and expand our auric field. 

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FS: In your book, I loved the timeline you called “Groundhog Day.” What kinds of questions did you ask yourself to create it? 

LMJ: Typically we have pivotal moments in our lives – sometimes during a grieving period, traumatic period or challenging time – that somewhat force us to evaluate our lives from a higher perspective. Writer Caroline Myss actually taught me how to do this in my 20s. She taught me about viewing my day to day life symbolically instead of literally. 

For example, when a pattern keeps happening, she taught me how to not only see the pattern but instead of blaming others for the outcome, asking the right questions that would help me break an unhealthy pattern. Intimate relationships are often the best for uncovering these unhealthy patterns. If we truly want to align with our highest purpose and highest destiny while we are here on earth, it is just too boring not to sign up for the challenge of leaping out of groundhog day! Sign up for a great adventure while you are on this planet. A few questions that helped me leap out of groundhog day:

  1. Am I happy doing what I do?
  2. Do my daily activities bring me joy and fulfillment?
  3. How much of my daily life is scheduled just to get a paycheck and pay bills?
  4. Where am I making choices and living according to what other people expect from me?
  5. Am I truly creating my life or am I living according to what other people want from me?
  6. Where am I making choices that are not aligned with my own values and integrity
  7. If my heart was in charge, what would I change starting today? What would I do?
  8. Am I truly connected to my soul right now? I am living a soul centered life?

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FS: Do you have any tactical tips for managing energy and recognizing repetitive behaviours? 

LMJ: Oh, yes. Daily energy rituals are very helpful – especially if you are highly sensitive.  I have so many but here are a few that help me reconnect when I lose my way a little:

Flower essences and teas help to rebalance the auric field and as a result help to refuel the physical body (chamomile and calendula are always go to’s for me)

A home chi machine is something that only takes 10 to 15 minutes a day and moves stuck energy in the body to clear energetic channels and helps make space for miracles to move in

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Movement practices. I love Pilates, yoga and nature walks, but any movement activity that makes your heart sing is beautiful.

Green juicing. I find this is one of the best ways to clear stuck dense waste from the cells and body. Green juicing regularly truly makes your body sing.

Colon hydrotherapy. I am truly a big believer in the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and have added this service to our yoga and Pilates studio in Muskoka because I believe in it so much.

Infrared sauna. Getting stuck energy and emotions out of the body can be truly facilitated with a great sweat with the right heat!

Breathwork is one of the most beautiful ways to exhale out dense, stale and unwanted energy and releases it from the energetic field as well as the physical body.

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