Untied: Father’s Day Gifts He Never Knew He Needed

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Honestly, buying gifts for my dad is one the toughest things to check off on my to-do my list. What do you get for the man who wants nothing and needs nothing!? He is the type of person who just buys anything he needs. This obviously makes things a lot harder for me as a gift-giver. But if for you, it’s the other way around, props to you. My dad (and I’m sure yours too), already has enough socks, polos and shaving kits to last his lifetime. But we all can agree on one thing: Dad definitely deserves something heartfelt, something he’ll actually use—even if it is a little cheesy. I’ve rounded up the best gifts you can get for every dad on your list.

Father’s Day gift ideas for 2024

Smartmi Air Purifier P1, $280, at bestbuy.ca.

Father’s Day gifts for the smart-home-loving dad

This is for the father who loves smart-home technology. Give him purified air. Designed to work quietly and efficiently, it fits seamlessly into any space. It uses a medical-grade HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorbing) filter and a high-efficiency motor to clean a 320-square-foot room in just under 20 minutes. Plus, its accurate laser sensor provides real-time air quality monitoring via its mobile app.

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Privateer, $18, at reunioncoffeeroasters.com.

Father’s Day gift for the coffee-addicted dad

Dad’s morning brew just got 10 times better with Reunion’s classic dark roast coffee beans. The Canadian-owned coffee company offers a deep and rich flavour profile of Rainforest Alliance Certified beans. It also has a partnership with NativeEnergy’s Help Build project, which provides water filters to households in the coffee-growing regions of Honduras.

Jackery Solar Generator Explorer 290 Portable Power Generator, $350 at canadiantire.ca.

Father’s Day gifts for the cottage dad

This portable power generator charges up to four devices and can be recharged using a wall or car outlet, or via the solar panel. It’s the ultimate power supply he can use for a tailgate, road trip or a day out fishing on the lake. All of dad’s devices can source power from this reliable tool.

Chase Half Zip, $170, at peakperformance.com.

Father’s Day gifts for the fashionable dad

This half-zip sweater is made from stretchy quick-drying and moisture-wicking fabric, making it perfect to wear at the golf course. Whether he’s active or just lounging, this will keep him stylish and comfortable.

The Roger Advantage, $180, at on.com.

Father’s Day gifts for the shoe enthusiast dad

Forget “dad shoes”—these tennis sneakers are a must-give. Functional yet fashionable, these shoes are a classic look.

Compact Sit-On Creeper, $101, at vevor.ca.

Father’s Day gifts for the car-obsessed dad

This car creeper does it all. Dad can sit on it to reach comfortably. He can also remove the top cushion (a separate seat with wheels) to reach those harder-to-get lower areas. It also comes equipped with accessory storage.

Ranger 2, $299, at solostove.com.

Father’s Day gift for the homebody dad

If your dad loves being host or to relax at home, this smokeless fire pit is sure to be a hit. It’s portable enough to take it from the yard to the beach, and it’s completely smokeless, too.

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Breville Pro Smoking Gun & Cloche, $295, at williams-sonoma.ca.

Father’s Day gifts for the mixologist dad

For the at-home bartender (beginner or expert), this electric smoker cocktail kit has all the essentials he’ll need to whip up a carefully crafted cocktail.

Smashed Burger Kit, $50, cuisinart.ca.

Father’s Day gifts for the foodie dad

No grill is ready for a backyard BBQ without this smash burger kit. Equipped with a weighted grill press, seasonings shaker, patty papers and a spatula, dad will have a field day next time burgers are on his menu.

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Beard Growth Kit, $122, maneuvermen.com.

Father’s Day gifts for the perfectly groomed dad

There’s no better present than the gift of self-care and grooming, and this Maneuver Men set is just that. The micro-needling beard growth kit is the perfect way for your dad to stimulate hair growth, activate new hair follicles and improve beard density and hair thickness. 

Hanlan’s Candle, $52, vygil.ca.

Father’s Day gifts for the dad who appreciates scent

You can never go wrong with a candle. This go-to gift supports a good cause (in support of Rainbow Railroad) and offers a summery scent that will remind you (and dad) of the good ol’ days at the cottage and the beach.

2-in-1 Pet Grooming Brush Kit, $39, at voocoo.pet.

Father’s Day gift for the dog dad

Because dog dads are dads, too, or maybe I’m just acknowledging who dad’s favourite child actually is). This brush includes two brush heads making it easy to remove tangles and excess fur while keeping his pet’s coat looking healthy and shiny. Plus, the pop-out head makes it quick and effortless to clean.

Baby Dior Le Lait Trés Tendre, $150, at dior.com.

Father’s Day gift for the new dad

Give a new dad the gift of luxury skincare. Dior just launched this body milk. It hydrates, nourishes and protects, keeping the baby’s skin soft with a scent of orchard pear. The bottle is beautifully designed with a graphic of the whimsical Granville garden, playful animals and colourful hot-air balloons. How cute is that?