Frost Yourself, Ladies: Jewellery Gift Guide For Your Number One—You!

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Listen, I’m not someone to turn away jewellery as a gift. I’m just saying the best person to give it to you is you. You have better taste than anyone else, you know what you like and you can appreciate how much you deserve a piece of something that glitters and shines.

Need more convincing? Just scroll through my jewellery-to-gift-yourself picks. I’ve been writing about jewellery for the better of two decades, and I can’t help but inspect each one for a few key features:

  • Looks expensive – even if it’s not,
  • Doesn’t look basic but not too trendy either,
  • Will make even the simplest of minimalist fits look perfectly styled,
  • And worthy of taking out of the jewellery box on a ho-hum day to a special evening.

I’ve curated a large pile of jewels and costume pieces into three jewellery wardrobes.

  1. “For fashion’s sake” treats
  2. “Just what I wanted” gifts
  3. And “I deserve this” splurges

Your reason for buying jewellery for yourself is as personal as your skivvies, and I’m not here to judge. If you want to celebrate the holidays, your birthday, a promotion, finishing a continuing-ed course with something that’s $20 or $10,000, that’s up to you. I just want you to enjoy looking at a few pretty things today. Here are a selection of jewellery that is either made in Canada or available for purchase in Canada – or send to Canada.

(But do let me know if you treated yourself to a little something something you see here.)

Sustainable and eco-friendly gifts for every friend and family member on your list.

Buy yourself jewellery: “For fashion’s sake” treats

Jewellery for no other occasion than, yes, I should buy this.

How to master the curated ear stack.

Buy yourself jewellery: “Just what I wanted” gifts

Why wait for someone to buy you what you really want for yourself.

Cute gift sets that make the best holiday presents.

Buy yourself jewellery: “I deserve this” splurges

If you’re wanting to save up for something special, these jewellery pieces are all goals.

Give yourself the gift of art

You may have noticed that the backgrounds on the jewellery gift photos above have a similar feel and look. That’s because they are pieces of a bigger picture – no, not about buying yourself jewellery. You’ve already got that covered. Each background was pulled from a larger oeuvre d’art: the Fellowship, by Vancouver artist Zoë Pawlak.

The travel essentials our editors swear by.

Vessels & Muses Oracle Deck, $64 at

Want to sample a bunch of Pawlak’s work? Consider treating yourself to her art deck. Shuffle and draw out of the 40 cards for astrological and journaling cues.