Your Favourite Sneakers Now Come in Millennial Pink

In case you’re wondering if millennial pink is still a thing—yes, yes, it is. It now goes by names like Scandi and Tumblr pink, but it’s the same muted-coral-not-salmon we all know and love. Millennial pink is not the easiest shade to describe, but you just know it when you see it. Which is probably why it continues to hold the title of trendiest pink in fashion.

We first noticed its comeback as Glossier’s signature colour, then it acquired an even cooler rep with Drake’s “Hotline Bling” cover art. And just when we thought millennial pink had reached its peak this spring, we find ourselves swooning over Fenty Beauty’s blush packaging and Zendaya’s sweet pastel tuxedo. With athleisure still trending, too, there’s no better way to incorporate the neo-neutral into your wardrobe than to think feet first. Here, a few of our favourite millennial pink sneakers: