Home Gym Ideas For The Fit & Fashionable At-Home Athlete

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Inspiration and motivation comes in many forms. But for the visually-inclined at-home athlete, a gorgeous home gym is a must. And while, as FLEETSTREET editors, our own home gyms keep true to our personal styles, every time we pick up one of our mismatched weights (we buy a new pair as strength grows), we twitch a little bit. And not in a fast-twitch training kind of way, IYKWWM. That led us down a rabbit hole of researching celebrity and celebrated designer gyms. Sure, we don’t have the budget or home space of a blockbuster leading actor, but this is inspo, right? And if the world can normalize wanting a cute home office, then surely a workout room that makes you fitter, happier and healthier should be a goal. Enjoy these home gym ideas, from a cute ab roller to an over-the-top gym setup. 

Corength Ab Wheel, $32, at decathlon.ca.

A cerulean ab trainer

As any Devil Wears Prada fan knows, cerulean isn’t just a colour. It’s the colour. And this isn’t any ol’ ab trainer. It has a pad for your feet or knees, and the adjustable resistance band will elevate your ab rollout burn.

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Ubarre weight, $149, at equiptmovement.com.

The golden arch

Silver and bronze are nice, but gold is what we want, what we really, really want. (That said, this is available in multiple colours!) So, if you find a barbell or dumbbells clunky, this U-shape allows for hands to ergonomically handle the 8-lb weight.

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Dajlien circle hand weights, $35, at ikea.ca.

Olympic rings

While we always try to put our weights away, sometimes fatigue and the need to stretch get us distracted. But if we were to leave these around, it would just look like a sculpture. That’s what we tell ourselves about this 7-lb hand weight set.

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PortaBarre Ballet Barre with Custom Carrying Case, $375, at jumpsudbury.ca.

Barre none

Umm – come on. Your barre at home game gets elevated with this cutie ballet barre in pink. Plus it’s portable and four-and-a-half-feet long. Its spring-loaded snap locks make it supportive and easy to assemble. No more using the counter or a chair or a wall for tucks and pulses. Tuck that.

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Micro with Front Handles and Back Platform, $990 and $480, at lagreefitness.com.

Reformer work looks good

As huge Pilates fans, we have been wanting an at-home reformer for what feels like forever. Even if you don’t want the Cadillac version, most Pilates machines take up a ton of space (no room for a Selling Sunset home gym at home). But the Micro takes up about the same space as a yoga mat! It moves smoothly and securely and has settings that really challenge us. (Full review of the Lagree Micro reformer to come. Stay tuned.)

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The Ness Signature Sweat Bundle, US$500, at thenessnyc.com.

A rebound relationship

You cannot not smile when jumping on a trampoline. It has to be the most fun we’ve ever had with a workout. Plus, we barely notice the cardio impact until we check our heart rate monitors (whoa, this serves up impactful cardiovascular exercise). But this LBT (little black trampoline) has a 32.5-inch bronze frame as an accent colour. Another accessory: the complimentary three-month subscription.

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P.Ball, US$70, at pvolve.com.

Squeeze this into your stylish home gym budget

If you like efficient workouts, then you will enjoy the transition between squeeze ball and booty band exercises with this ball and strap. It can be used on the quads and glutes for barre and Pilates moves, as well as with planks, chest squeezes and more. Need more convincing? Know that Jennifer Aniston is a fan.

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FYSIK Brown & Silver Mai Dumbbell Set, $590, at ssense.com.

Adds Wood Chops to workout

The key to a gorgeous and stylish home gym is to have pieces that look like decor. Take these gorge 10-lb dumbbells. Handcrafted in walnut wood and stainless steel with smooth hand-stitched leather-covered handles, they could be left on a desk or coffee table and fit seamlessly in. Just remember to wipe the sweat off first.

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Set of 2 Workout Sliders, $28 at lululemon.ca.

Slid right into our DMs

Simple. Classic. With an edge. Now that’s stylish. This is definitely a step up (har, har) of the dingey sliders we used back in our school days. But the big diff (and it’s a good one), these chic black sliders work on carpet, in addition to hardwood or gym floor material.

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Smart Rope LED, US$80, at tangramfactory.com.

This roped us in to a cardio sesh

If you love your exercises classes in the dark (think candlelight yoga or spin), then turn out the lights with this jump skipping rope. The shiny chrome handles rotate the rope so you can keep your wrists in form. Plus, when the LED rope lights up, it animates your count mid-air, right in front of your face. No lies!

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Cross Personal Design Cross Trainer, $26,670, at technogym.ca.

Step it up

This is an appreciation mention for the evolution in fitness equipment. With the mirror accents and slick design it looks good. But with that price tag, you’ll find it in high-end hotels and training centres. It has 25 resistance levels, 21 training programs and a handle HRM. We hope the sleek gym style, like Andy’s cerulean sweater, trickles down to more (affordable) products. Until then, we’ll be checking on these ellipticals.

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Elite 2 Nevatear 80-lb Heavy Bag, $190, at everlast.ca.

A home gym that kicks butt

When it comes to at-home boxing workouts, you need equipment that can stand up. So, that’s why we went straight to the OG boxing brand Everlast. We love the subtle branding, but it’s durable enough to handle those bad-day punches. You know those type of workouts you need to beat the heck out of something. This back is ready for the fight. It also comes in 100-lb version.

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Modest Vintage Player Pro Leather Boxing Gloves, $170, at ssense.com.

Knockout boxing gloves

Whenever we step into a boxing gym, we have a hard time picturing glamorous fashion models working out there. Yet, every time they’re interviewed, they say they love boxing. Now, when we discovered these high-fashion boxing gloves, it all made sense – at least from a fashion vantage point. Plus, this pair is pure luxury and quality: handcrafted buffed leather in khaki made with panelled construction and double-stitched seams.

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Helix Hand Weights, $74, at bhalfmoon.com.

Making waves

If you love endurance and style, then get your hands on these wavy 3-lb hand weights and hold tight. And these offer good grip too, as the weights are covered in smooth silicon and make the perfect fit for women’s hands.

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Pent Fitness Banka Weight Bench, USD$3,379, at modernfurnishings.com.

Getting benched

We were pleasantly surprised to find this workout bench. It reminds us of the famous Eames chair (trust, you’ll know it to see it). Like that chair, this bench blends curves with crafted wood and leather to balance both style and comfort perfectly. But while your design friends would be totally jeal, your athletic ones will like the ergonomic function and ease of use.

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The Cloud Collection The Arc and The Arc Delux, $675 and $900, at liftedmovement.com.

A curl’s best friend

These weights are pretty enough we would actually keep them in the living room. But they would also elevate our home workout rooms, too. The recycled-steel stands hold three sets of weights (Arc) or five (Arc Deluxe). Know, though, that the weights are sold separately.

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Edge Extra-Large Floor Mirror, $1,199, at crateandbarrel.ca.

Form checker

We’re sure you have some sort of app or tool for checking your form, but there’s a reason that gyms and studios have line the walls with mirrors: mirrors work for perfecting form. For our home gyms, we found this beauty with its arched brass frame. We love that we can just lean it against the wall and get into plié position or sit into a squat. Plus, we like the view (of progress).

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